Don Paco Restaurant

Don Paco is  a Spanish a la carte restaurant serving dinner only. Take a look at the opening times in the table below:


Opening hours


18.30 – 21.30

  • What is included in the All Inclusive? What excluded?

Clients must contact their tour operator to verify whether they have the tasting menu included during their stay.

  • This restaurant requires a table reservation (please contact the reception) and supposes an extra charge as it is not included in the All Inclusive package
  • Enclose food menu, beverage menu, dessert menu, etc. in PDF format.

Please note that it is not allowed to take any food from the restaurant to your room. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to respect the dress code:

Dress code policy

  • Short trousers up to the knee are permitted and shirts with sleeves
  • Flip flops are not permitted
  • Swimwear is not permitted